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About me

My name is Bram Jaspersen and I'm a 24 year old Video Editor. After I graduated for my study Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences HAN in Arnhem, I started working as a Video Editor for NEP The Netherlands, the biggest provider of technology and people in the Dutch Television industry. After working there for three years, it was time for a new challenge!

Currently I'm working for social media agency GoSpooky, which was crowned Best Social Media Agency in 2021! At GoSpooky I'm editing video's for all kind of clients, for example G-Star, JBL, HEMA and many more.

Besides my work at GoSpooky, I'm working as a freelance video editor as well. Through my study and work experience I'm able to edit videos for all kind of platforms with the Adobe Creative Cloud package (Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign, etc.) and with the editing tool Quantel by Grass Valley.

Above you can find some of my work and if you have any questions, please contact me through the form below or via mail or phone.


+31 (0)6 36566477


Emmastraat 27C
1213AJ, Hilversum
The Netherlands